Voyage the 15.1th – Psychonautism and the Psychedelic Society

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The Psychonautilus Voyage the 14th – Optimal Gradualism 101


Widespread political disenfranchisement serves to persuade the voting public that their choices of politician or party carries no force to act as the mechanism for positive change to the structure of society.  I feel that this situation has been positively encouraged by successive generations of politicians until we reach the position we are at today, where voter turnout at general elections is at an all-time low. The ‘winner’ is not the candidate that more than half of the country approves of, he will merely represent the majority vote of those that could be bothered to engage in the seemingly meaningless task of selecting a candidate to invest your sovereignty in and to fight for the causes you wish to see tabled, in the firm knowledge that candidate will honour none of the manifesto pledges that garnered your vote. Having studied all major and many minor political structures but found none that had ever been effectively implemented or achieved the stated goals of their instigation. What is needed is an effective political philosophy that does not predetermine the manner of its implementation but instead supplies the framework on which to construct a fluid adaptive political structure that can serve everybody, not just the establishment. I have formulated what i believe could be that political philosophy; Optimal Gradualism. An unfortunate mouthful at the moment but I am sure it will acquire a user friendly acronym in time O.G. or S.O.G. (Sovereign Optimal Gradualism).

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The Psychonautilus – Voyage the 13th – The Map is NOT the Territory

Low resolution models of reality have their place and utility. Unless we constantly remind ourselves of the nature of the simplification we risk falling for overtly simplistic ideologies. Non-materialism, quantum theory and holographic reality hypotheses have opened the door to the mysterium a crack and I take a peek inside.

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