The Psychonautilus – Voyage the 22nd – Mind-bending Problems

In a follow up and follow on from ‘Re-imagining Antiquity’ I go further into Electrical scarring of Mars and the weird but distinct possibility that dinosaurs rained from the sky!

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Natures Electrode

Raconteurs Too – NHS Ransomware Attack with Tony Hurst and freemanjack

In an impromptu appearance on Raconteurs news I do my best to cast some light on the recent NHS ransomware attack from an insiders perspective, having installed some of the systems the exploit used. With my co-host Tony Hurst, I do my best to explain how NHS procurement, specialised hardware and need for proprietary operating systems all lead to this inevitable conclusion.

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The Psychonautilus – Voyage the 21st – Re-Imagining Antiquity

Revisiting palaeontology, megalithic archaeology and catastrophism  on this voyage I try to present a plausible explanation for gigantisism in prehistoric fauna, megalithic architecture and where the Oceans came from. References from the thunderbolts project; Do Dinosaurs Pose a Gravity Problem? | Space News   The Thunderbolt and Electrically Scarred Mars | Space News

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