The Psychonautilus – Voyage the Seventh – Temporal Metempsychosis

Psychonautilus-Voyage-the-7th-Temporal-Metempsychosis.mp3 (97 downloads)

The Psychonautilus – Voyage the Sixth – Anti Meme Machine

Psychonautilus-Voyage-the-Sixth-Anti-Meme-Machine.mp3 (134 downloads)

Doc Rock’s Radio Show – Live from the Jack – Cave – Again!

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Doc Rock’s Radio Show – Live from the Jack – Cave

dr_rocks_radio_show_no223_live_from_the_jack_cave.mp3 (85 downloads)

The Psychonautilus – Voyage the Fifth – Anomalies and Paradox

With a slightly foreshortened show this week, Doc Rock joins me discussing the importance of anomaly and paradox to define the limits to scientific knowledge.

Psychonautilus-Voyage-the-Fifth-Anomaly-and-Paradox.mp3 (119 downloads)

The Psychonautilus – Voyage the Fourth

Due to tooth ache I was unable to do a live show this week so I replayed an old recording of mine from earlier in the year. The subject is ‘Zebras and Donkeys’ or ‘human bifurcation theory’, has Homo Sapiens been joined by Homo Novo?

Psychonautilus-Voyage-the-Fourth-Zebras-and-Donkeys.mp3 (92 downloads)

The Psychonautilus – Voyage the Third

Psychonautism and Non materialism examined in comparison to Newtonian materialism

Psychonautilus-Voyage-the-Third-Psychonautism-and-Non-Materialism.mp3 (92 downloads)

The Psychonautilus – Voyage the Second

This weeks second show begins the exploration of probabilistic reality and how focusing on your direct sphere of influence you might begin to radically alter the course of your life.

Psychonautilus-Voyage-the-Second-Spheres-of-Influence.mp3 (87 downloads)

The Psychonautilus – Maiden Voyage with guest; Psybernism

Psychonautilus-Maiden-Voyage-With-Guest-Psybernism.mp3 (88 downloads)

All aboard the Psychonautilus! on this my maiden voyage, my very good friend Psybernism drops in for a chat about his recent exposure of the nefarious hand behind many of the London counterculture venues and organisers and we discuss the broader subject of the Occupy movement itself.


Why Geometry? Electric Everything Theory

A lively New Years Eve discussion about Electro-Biology and Electric Universe Theory. “Why Geometry? Electric Everything theory” from 31/12/15 by Dr Rock with guest freemanjack. Released: 2015.