Electro-Biology – A New Plant Morphology

In my life in Agriculture and Forestry, I began to be struck by the apparent failings of what I knew at that time of the science of biology. My technical understanding was relatively weak but despite this, every time I sought clarification in the text books, I found little that explained what I saw with any satisfactory description or explanation. For many years I fell under the spell of the ‘specialist’ knowing best and assumed my failure to understand the naturally complex, unfathomably diverse, natural systems I was observing, was simply ignorance on my part of the science of Biology.

As I got older and my range of experience and access to available data increased, I became more troubled by the failures of Biology to describe realistically the mechanisms I sought to understand more deeply. One aspect that would not leave my mind to rest was the evident geometry and arithmetic expression of form that some species of plants clearly exhibited. First I found myself closely studying the most basic plant life with the horsetail fern, with its archaic body morphology intact after millions if not billions of years. It’s lateral symmetry was self evident and after some time studying these remnants of our primordial forests, I began noticing these same strict symmetrical relationships going up the plant evolutionary ladder and only becoming less distinct as the evolutionary path towards complexity was climbed, being almost impossible to make out on the most recent additions with the broad leaf deciduous tree species.