In my life in Agriculture and Forestry, I began to be struck by the apparent failings of what I knew at that time of the science of biology. My technical understanding was relatively weak but despite this, every time I sought clarification in the text books, I found little that explained what I saw with any satisfactory description or explanation. For many years I fell under the spell of the ‘specialist’ knowing best and assumed my failure to understand the naturally complex, unfathomably diverse, natural systems I was observing, was simply ignorance on my part of the science of Biology.

Optimal Gradualism

The structure of the states, nations and corporations is derived from an evolutionary path that has now been running for millennia. During which time the global governance has reached a level of complexity beyond the facility of one group to meaningfully guide. As a consequence we find ourselves confronted by a zombie system, a system that is self derived and self serving. Governmental, societal and corporate compartmentalisation has lead to a situation where, not even the upper echelons, have any real say in how they choose to conduct themselves. In such a system corruption is endemic as a matter of necessary self preservation.

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