London is Burning – Grenfell Tower and London Bridge – How Many Lies?

In a follow up to the Ochelli Effect show I made a recent guest appearance on, in this broadcast I draw together threads from the London Bridge terror event and Grenfell Tower fire to examine the Mainstream and Government narrative and compare the known events with how they are being portrayed. With a further exploration of the ‘shoot to kill’ pre-election consensus and ‘Fiat Terrorism’ to the appalling consequences of Arms Length Management and ‘homes for profit’. We are clearly being lied to and London is waking up to itself and the power of mass action.

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Articles and links for references;

Shoot to Kill;

Death Penalty;

Video Footage;

Crisis Actors?

Real Bullets?

Grenfell Towers;

A resident of Grenfell Tower has described seeing the ‘small’ kitchen fire – that would later spread and destroy the entire building.

Maryam Adam, a 41-year-old pregnant woman, lived next door to Flat 16 – where the blaze started in the early hours of the morning.

She said that her neighbour woke her and others up after packing some of his bags, and they were all ushered out into the street before the flames engulfed the block.

That means he took the stuff from his flat, and then he told the neighbours,’ she said.

Local Fears 100’s Dead

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  1. John
    John says:

    Thank you for the show and the article. Only just recently discovered Autonomous Media, Mark Windows and the Raconteurs team along with your own work, and am going back through the archives catching up – good to have a UK based ‘Truth’ network as opposed to the many US based ones.

    I was intrigued by the alternative scenarios that you put forward concerning the City of London stabbings, some of which, such as the gang war theory, hadn’t crossed my mind. Interesting to consider your point that some incidents may be of a ‘private’ nature but are being used by the media and government to prop up a ‘terror’ narrative.

    Regarding the attention now being given to councils and their finances, have you heard of the idea that councils, through their accounting/budget methods may have much more money available to them than they admit to in public, and are in fact hiding a large part of their assets by calling them ‘future liabilities’ in their annual accounts instead? I’m not great with understanding figures myself or getting my head round much of this apparent fraud, so haven’t done much research beyond reading what other pioneers have published so far; but one of the best researchers into many different areas connected with the law and government I’ve ever come across is US-based Clint Richardson who has pursued this matter and has written about it on his blog, and even published an article on how to research the UK CAFR equivalent –

    A video about the CAFR swindle in the US can be watched here –

    I think it would be a worthy avenue of research for the Autonomous crew to have a look at. I believe Clint himself is well up for doing interviews at the moment, having just made available a free book at
    I recommend issuing him with an invite to come on one of the radio shows for a chat.
    (I’m not connected with him in any way, I just admire his work).
    Cheers, J

    • Jack Freeman
      Jack Freeman says:

      Thanks John, my first legitimate listener comment! (nanny weirdo and tony both count as mates so i’m not counting their comments!) glad to hear I gave you a potential alternative to the given narrative and yes I am very aware of the potential creative accounting being done by UK local councils (and National Govt) is self evident, if hard to find real numbers to support. I think you might find my ‘Voyage of the Psychonautilus’ from this week shining a light on an entirely ignored level of accounting fraud and indistinguishable public/private social provision being used to bleed the public pocket dry for profit. Podcast will be available later today (friday 23rd). I hope you visit the rest of my archive, although don’t expect to find much in the way of current affairs or political commentary, I am more known for my work breaking other kinds of paradigm. Hope you will be joining us in the AM chatroom sometime. I’ll give a shout out to me brighton massive if I know yer listening 😉
      jack (legit, wot a decent first comment, top man)

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