Voyage the 16th – Persistent Contrails

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Voyage the 15.1th – Psychonautism and the Psychedelic Society

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The Psychonautilus Voyage the 14th – Optimal Gradualism 101


Widespread political disenfranchisement serves to persuade the voting public that their choices of politician or party carries no force to act as the mechanism for positive change to the structure of society.  I feel that this situation has been positively encouraged by successive generations of politicians until we reach the position we are at today, where voter turnout at general elections is at an all-time low. The ‘winner’ is not the candidate that more than half of the country approves of, he will merely represent the majority vote of those that could be bothered to engage in the seemingly meaningless task of selecting a candidate to invest your sovereignty in and to fight for the causes you wish to see tabled, in the firm knowledge that candidate will honour none of the manifesto pledges that garnered your vote. Having studied all major and many minor political structures but found none that had ever been effectively implemented or achieved the stated goals of their instigation. What is needed is an effective political philosophy that does not predetermine the manner of its implementation but instead supplies the framework on which to construct a fluid adaptive political structure that can serve everybody, not just the establishment. I have formulated what i believe could be that political philosophy; Optimal Gradualism. An unfortunate mouthful at the moment but I am sure it will acquire a user friendly acronym in time O.G. or S.O.G. (Sovereign Optimal Gradualism).

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The Psychonautilus – Voyage the 13th – The Map is NOT the Territory

Low resolution models of reality have their place and utility. Unless we constantly remind ourselves of the nature of the simplification we risk falling for overtly simplistic ideologies. Non-materialism, quantum theory and holographic reality hypotheses have opened the door to the mysterium a crack and I take a peek inside.

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The Psychonautilus – Voyage the 12th – Real Money

On this voyage, I explore the concept of money from its inception to its current manifestation. Starting with a brief history from pre-monetary to modern fiat currencies. How monetary values were derived from the proportions of metal ores in mining and the worth of a slave’s labour for their working life. Then going on to explore the real meaning of ‘value’ in a monetary context, ending with a call for access to primary resources for all, not just the wealthy elites.

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The Psychonautilus – Voyage the 11th – Electric Everything

This weeks show starts with a monologue discussing the historical discovery and classification of electricity. Joined for the second hour by my good friend ‘psybernism’ for a lively, if slightly less scientific exploration of the first hour topic. Drifting into electro-gravitics, levitation and telekinesis.

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The Psychonautilus – Voyage the 10th – Not Dr Tamara (again)

Un-scheduled, unscripted, possibly unbroadcastable! Not Dr Tamara makes a second visit to the jack cave and despite insurmountable levels of ineptitude on my part, we manage to cobble together a meandering rant from ‘The Queen is Dead’ and ‘Is Trump the Messiah?’ to school bullying policy and home education. My apologies to anyone expecting a remotely serious broadcast but by the end we were both ‘two sheets to the wind’ and not taking a damn thing seriously at all!

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Voyages of the Psychonautilus – Complete Podcast Archive

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The Psychonautilus – Voyage the 9th – Dark State

The Security Mechanisms of State are not what we are sold and if their dealings were made fully public there would be outrage from the taxpayers. Who pay for their own enslavement while being subject to summary execution without trial or due process. In this show I review the BBC’s recent ‘Official History’ of MI5 and examine some of its many deep implications to the legitimacy of state funded security services. Later In the show I look a little closer to current affairs and ask the pressing question; are the police deploying a ‘shoot to kill’ policy in potentially politically motivated assassinations. 50 deaths at the hands of armed police in just over 20 years is not tolerable unless ALL of those were unavoidable, necessary and proportionate, few seem to meet these criteria. A call to open the ‘Dark State’ to taxpayer scrutiny and prosecution of any crimes against the people or state tried in front of a jury.

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The Psychonautilus – Voyage the 8th – The Happy Diet

With a show literally overflowing with positivity, May I introduce the charming and funny ‘Not Dr Tamara’ find her website here;

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