The Psychonautilus – Voyage the 26th – Plasma Vortexes

In a follow up to Voyage the 25th, I go into slightly more fringe areas of plasma physics and its possible connections with U.F.O. and Crop Circle phenomena.

Additional audio tagged on the end of this weeks voyage is from a longer recording of Judge Bench and his journey from sentencing for cannabis use to needing cannabis to save his life, followed by Harley Smith Soil microbiology.

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The Psychonautilus – Voyage the 25th – The Plasma Universe

The Plasma Universe theory uses the properties of this, most exotic form of matter, to describe everything from Galaxies to Atoms.

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The Psychonautilus – Voyage the 22nd – Mind-bending Problems

In a follow up and follow on from ‘Re-imagining Antiquity’ I go further into Electrical scarring of Mars and the weird but distinct possibility that dinosaurs rained from the sky!

Psychonautilus-Voyage-the-22nd-Mindbending-Problems.mp3 (122 downloads)

Natures Electrode

The Psychonautilus – Voyage the 19th – Why Electricity in Holographic Reality Theory

In a Non-Materialist construct, what place do the ‘Laws of Nature’ have in the modelling of reality? Do the rules of the material world have any part to play? Simulation theory would suggest there must be a ‘rule set’ that governs the framework of reality even if that reality is holographic in nature. In this slightly shorter voyage, I explore where the fundamentals of Electrical Theory might illustrate the aetheric matrix that forms the substrate of the reality we experience. Indeed it may be the single rule set and provide both the computational framework and the geometric structures the computations are expressed through.

Psychonautilus-Voyage-the-19th-Why-Electricity-in-Hollographic-Reality-Theory.mp3 (116 downloads)

Voyage the 16th – Persistent Contrails

Psychonautilus-Voyage-the-16th-Persistant-Contrails.mp3 (105 downloads)



The Psychonautilus – Voyage the 11th – Electric Everything

This weeks show starts with a monologue discussing the historical discovery and classification of electricity. Joined for the second hour by my good friend ‘psybernism’ for a lively, if slightly less scientific exploration of the first hour topic. Drifting into electro-gravitics, levitation and telekinesis.

Psychonautilus-Voyage-the-11th-Electric-Everything.mp3 (102 downloads)

Why Geometry? Electric Everything Theory

A lively New Years Eve discussion about Electro-Biology and Electric Universe Theory. “Why Geometry? Electric Everything theory” from 31/12/15 by Dr Rock with guest freemanjack. Released: 2015.