The Psychonautilus – Voyage the 24.1th – Leviathan! Grenfell Tower Exposes the Corporate Councils

Leviathan! Grenfell Tower Exposes the Corporate Councils

Failure to separate the activities of Social Provision and the Corporate Private worlds has shown its inevitable consequence in recent London outrages

From Hobbes’ Leviathan of State to the Globalist Elite and Corporate World Order, we find ourselves confronted by a sprawling, self serving machine of Local, National and International agencies that have evolved alongside and within the bodies of our legislature and government for centuries. They deploy paid agents to feed fake news and events and to spin and confine facts surrounding real events. A Corporate Industrial Complex every bit as dangerous as its Military counterpart.

Do we elect our politicians and representatives merely to serve the civil service and their Corporate overlords? The poor can burn but the news cycle gaslights real facts and figures and we are fed a stream of actors playing the roles of witnesses. Public Relations has run amok unchecked, we must recognise its huge influence and money making agenda.

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