The Psychonautilus – Voyage the 9th – Dark State

The Security Mechanisms of State are not what we are sold and if their dealings were made fully public there would be outrage from the taxpayers. Who pay for their own enslavement while being subject to summary execution without trial or due process. In this show I review the BBC’s recent ‘Official History’ of MI5 and examine some of its many deep implications to the legitimacy of state funded security services. Later In the show I look a little closer to current affairs and ask the pressing question; are the police deploying a ‘shoot to kill’ policy in potentially politically motivated assassinations. 50 deaths at the hands of armed police in just over 20 years is not tolerable unless ALL of those were unavoidable, necessary and proportionate, few seem to meet these criteria. A call to open the ‘Dark State’ to taxpayer scrutiny and prosecution of any crimes against the people or state tried in front of a jury.

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